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Arabische lampen

About the project

Arabische Lampen is an Ecommerce company involved in the sale high quality Arab Lamps.

Their main challenges during his startup phase were:

  • Time commitment involved in curation: Arabische Lampen is a business that curates the best Arab Lamps and accessory products, so the business owner spends a lot of time curating and selecting the finest pieces of Lamps that are the top in style, quality, and value.
  • Managing and maintaining solid relationships with suppliers: As a startup, Arabische Lampen owner has to personally contact his suppliers, ask for details, arrange his orders, do multiple followups and make inventory decisions – all by himself.

Arabian Lampen

What we did

We created a highly functional website that helps with:

  • Sending cart abandonment emails: With everything the business has invested in the website project, the business owner surely didn’t want customers to just come in and go without purchasing anything. We helped with the integration of Klaviyo app to send cart abandonment emails and track his email marketing campaigns.

  • Incentivizing customer transactions: As a Customer Loyalty Program, Arabische Lampen makes it a point to give points to his customers every time they complete actions such as account creation, customer referrals and purchases.

  • Delighting customers: Arabische Lampen believes in the “law of reciprocity” which states that if you do something nice to someone, they’ll have an intense psychological urge to do something nice in return.

Arabian Lampen
Digital Marketing Company



Digital Marketing Company



Digital Marketing Company


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Results & Stats

Results have been phenomenal and within 1 month of launching the new website, the business achieved a sales of $150,000

After the launch of the website, traffic has been increasing on a daily basis, and stands at more than 3500 hits per day.

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