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Childhood Plans: What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up

Webxcell Digital: Strangely, when I started writing this article, I could not help but smile and remember the tiny version of myself who had big dreams and no obstacles to harden her. When I was younger, I believed that I could do anything and be everything. But as I grew older, I began to realize that most of those childhood dreams were unrealistic such as; being a superhero or a princess. So, as an adult, I had to be more realistic in my career plans.

Almost every kid has had a career they felt was the right choice for them. For some, it was the thing that they loved doing most. Others get influenced by what they see and the people that stay around them. In most situations, it is the very thing that they spend their time and hours doing without knowing the reason for doing it. I could easily say it was their passion.

While growing, my interest frequently changed because several things intrigued me at different points, and I wanted to try them all. It would be fair to say that I was a bit scatter-brained when considering a dream profession.

At a time, I wanted to be a Rockstar. Surprising dream for a kid at that age. Well, it was thanks to my dad. My dad was a fan of rock and roll fan, and I could not help falling-in-love with it. I can still remember us dancing to Headstrong by Trapt and me trying to play like them. But if you ask me today about this dream, it was unrealistic for me because I never even had a singing voice.

At another time, I aspired to be a veterinarian because I was a lover of pets. I came to this conclusion when my Dog ‘Ferry’ fell sick, and I could not do anything. I thought to myself what I could do to make him feel better. After crying for a while, I promised myself that I would keep all pets safe in the future and make them feel better. Although I never became a veterinarian, I still try my best to secure, feed, and help lost pets.

ย Looking back, I recall there was a period I wanted to be a cop. Yes, a cop. You can say I became influenced by the crime movies I watched then. I felt that If I could become a police officer, I would have handcuffs and use them to arrest bad people. The thought of having handcuffs and driving a police car was exciting.

However, my plans took a different turn when I started playing football. Football was my dream game, and I played it with so much passion that my dad signed me up for our community team. It took a while to get over the goal of being a footballer, but by then, I was already getting to know that most dreams were only dreams and would never come to be. Then, I started looking at the bigger picture and dreaming big.

I became obsessed with flying and read a lot of kid novels that included piloting. For me, piloting was one of the coolest professions, and I could get to travel the world and live a jet setter life. At this stage, I did not understand that being a pilot took a lot of hard work, time, money, test, and training. Fortunately, I prepared myself for this, and I gave it my best shot.

You may be thinking right now if I work as a Pilot. The answer is no. although I loved learning the tricks of being a pilot, time, and understanding of how the world works have made me go for something much more achievable.

Childhood plans and dreams are something every kid at every phase will experience. Most people feel that these dreams are unachievable, but if you put your mind to that dream, anything is possible. How about you? What did you want to be when growing up?

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