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Code Optimization

Make Your Website Source Code Optimized for SEO

Code optimization is any method of code modification to improve code quality and efficiency. A program code may be optimized so that it becomes a smaller size, consumes less memory, executes more faster, or performs fewer input/output operations.

Every marketing professional knows how important SEO is in the age of digital technology. Our code experts will enhance your website code for maximum seo efficiency by doing the following:

  • Page Headers
  • Secondary Headers
  • Font Enhancements
  • Links
  • URLs
  • Body Text
  • Meta Tags, and many more

We always recommend that webpage optimization should be performed for a limited number of keywords, preferably no more than three keywords or three key phrases per page. When you try to promote too many words or phrases, you may receive just the opposite result and you will be penalised by Google. This is critically important when optimizing your homepage, since there is a tendency to try to optimize it for all the keywords that match the site.

We are a team of digital marketing experts

We have vast experience in carrying out a full review of businesses to ensure that the keywords we target are the right ones to provide the maximum exposure and ROI, whether you are looking to run a local SEO or national SEO campaign. This could involve a number of different elements to get the right combination of keywords to reflect your business. As always, client participation in this is crucial as this will reduce the missed opportunities and ensure the focus is right from the beginning.

With vast experience in the design and development of websites spanning over a decade, the standards we have adopted at Webxcell Media assures extremely accessible and SEO friendly sites. Our team work very hard to maintain the high coding standxards and makes use of current techniques, to go hand in hand with our technical SEO efforts. We only use open source content management systems and e-commerce platforms with user-friendly interfaces.
Code Optimization

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