Drama M.O.B.B

The project requirements was the design and development of a complete high-end makeup and beauty boutique. The completely re-development of the site gave the business the brand and voice they wanted to portray to the clients.

The old website was not user friendly and getting to information seemed multiple clicks deep when only one was needed to achieve stickiness on the site, it was exhausting and frustrating for site visitors who often click off after 2-3 clicks! So first things first, we removed the clunky hover states and needless interactions to create a smooth user experience, only using hover states for the important stuff on the page, such as sub navigation. The design was also fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile.

What we did

 We transformed the outdated, clunky and hard to use website into a visually powerful platform to showcase their high-end makeup and beauty services.

Drama Mobb needed to create an exciting, modern, clean and eye-catchy website that showed off Drama Mobb’s personality but also its exclusive high-end services.  Aside from the couple of existing brand guidelines in place, such as colour, we almost had the freedom on everything else, including fonts and styling.


  • Easy to navigate, modern & engaging site
  • A site that is secure and conforms to security standards
  • Capture user information through clean and simple pop-ups/forms, enabling them to access content easily
  • A platform to showcase high-end services
  • A website to support and facilitate advertising sales

Results & Stats

Results have been phenomenal and within 4 months of starting SEO work we were already ranking top 10 for the local SEO key term “small business boutique” and variations.

There was significant increase in high quality traffic to site via multiple social media channels, ads, etc. Constant monitoring and production of Google Analytics traffic analysis helped to align results with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).