Email Marketing

Engage Your Customers with More Effectiveness From Strategy to Execution.

Emails generate a more reach-to-sales ratio than other methods.

When you engage customers, you’re boosting your online sales—and growing your audience. In addition, your emails provide a means of connection that other marketing methods lack.

But it takes more than having a list of emails and sending automated messages.

How do you guarantee that your emails aren’t in the spam box? Are your emails mobile friendly?

What kind of content are you sending? Or do you have a consistent design that helps you stand out?

Our Process

  • Plan: Decide how you want to do it. Consider your budget, expected growth, and which direction you want to go. We help you choose a platform most ideal for your brand, business environment, and budget.
  • Generate consumer base: Generate a mail list of potential consumers. For example, we run a campaign that helps you generate an extensive list of proposed consumers.
  • Design: Create an email template reflecting your brand and business values. We assign designers to create workable design templates for your mails.
  • Landing Page: Design your digital sales point. Our developers create a landing page that continues the selling process.
  • Campaign Automation: Schedule automated emails that work when you’re not there. We automate the process, using tools such as Drip to respond in real-time to clients.
  • Deliver your mails: Send out your emails and proposals. Start the sales process.
  • Analyse results: Check mail open rate, conversion rate, click rate etc.
  • Make your sales: Close deals and make sales.
  • Cross-check: Follow up on customers, abandoned carts, and mid-sales.
  • Improve: Use analysis to improve campaigns and create more effective campaigns.

Expand in Growth: Grow your consumer base and loyalty. We replicate what works while working towards fresh strategies

But email marketing strategy isn’t a lifetime payment.

We analyse the following to understand better what works and needed changes.

Open rate, click-through rate and conversions

Email Marketing ROI

The subject line, CTA and content optimisation


Behaviour-based segmentation

Send time optimisation

A/B Testing

What’s in it for you?

It improved consumer engagement to increase close rates & customer growth.

Broader and effective sales funnel to lead your prospects’ buying decisions.

Easy and specialised feedback mechanism to stay connected with your audience.

More sales for a lower amount of investment.

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