SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic towards your website with the help of organic search engine results. It comprises of two main types:

On-page SEO: This covers content optimization, optimizing meta tags, and improving your site’s load time.

Off-page SEO: This includes social media shares and backlinks generation from other authority domains

Keywords play a big role in driving results from SEO as they are a bridge between what people are searching for and the content that is being provided to them as per their search. So your choice of keywords will determine the kind of traffic you will get on your website.

Common best practices include on-site optimization, keyword research, and building backlinks. Other than these,

# Always make sure your main keyword is added early in the content

# Make use of unique content with unique titles and descriptions

# Work on your website’s loading speed

# Use internal linking

# Create a well-structured URL

It takes almost 4 to 6 months to start seeing results with SEO, which grows over time. It’s an on-going process with a focus on many other aspects so you cannot see results right away. It is a long-term investment

The factors like page load time, keyword selection, and content creation can greatly impact the SEO rankings.

# It will gradually increase traffic to your website, which means more traffic equals to more and better sales.

# Both your brand credibility and website visibility will increase as you rank higher.

# It is a long-term marketing strategy, which will take you ahead of the competition.

# It promotes better cost management.

Social Media Marketing

With billions of social media users around the world, its usage is only going to increase in the future. Social media marketing is the easiest way to stay connected with your audience. It creates trust and loyalty while also facilitating word-of-mouth marketing. It helps in creating better brand awareness.

Well, there are many that can help you reach your audience better. Facebook is great to start with. Then there comes Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. All of them are equally good for promoting your content and interacting with users.

Today, social media has changed the way in which consumers communicate with businesses. Everything is easily accessible through social media, which has made it easier to develop business relationships, which leads to better sales and improved ROI.

You can determine the success of your social media marketing with the following metrics:

# Traffic

# Leads

# Customers

# The count of your fans or followers will help you measure your social media reach while the success is determined by how many people it drove to your website, how many are the qualified leads, and how many actually turned into customers.

Since social media is constantly evolving, the results will depend on the amount of time you dedicate to different platforms with their effective management, your budget, your audience, your strategies, and last but not least whether you are using paid ads or not.

Email Marketing

When you want to reach a larger audience at the same time, use email marketing for an effective reach. However, it must be done very carefully to avoid getting spammed by your potential customers. Your email should be credible and trustworthy enough to convert your potential customers into customers

For successful email marketing, it is very important to have a good subscriber base. Make sure your subscribers are active because inactive subscribers will be unfruitful for your business. Your list of subscribers should include all your potential, current, and past customers.

The success of your email marketing can be tracked from the following metrics:

# What is your inbox rate? Means how many emails went to the inbox

# What is the bounce rate? Means how many of them got rejected by servers

# What is the spam report? Means how many times your emails got spammed

# How many people unsubscribed you? Means what is the number that opted out of your subscriber list

There are many but the most important ones are:

# You should have a legit list of people

# Content should be of high-quality

# Your email should provide value to the customers

# Ask for sales but do not make it completely sales focused

Several times a week or even every day works if you have enough valuable content to pitch in your customers. Content without any real value is sure to get ignored.

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