The Power of Compounding


Webxcell Digital: Do you ever sit and think of ways to make more money without much effort? Or are you concerned about setting aside enough money for your retirement and your child’s training? Have you ever wished to have enough money to pay your bills? Well, the simple way to achieve all these things is to know how to make your money work for you. In simple terms, you need to understand the power of compounding and how to combine it with your investments. 

What is compounding? 

A lot of people have heard about the word compounding but do not know what it means. Well, the term compounding means that the primary returns that you earned on investment become part of the invested capital. Hence, compounding is a growth in the value of an investment owing to the interest earned on capital, and the accumulated interest. 

The scientist and politician Benjamin Franklin says that compounding is that stepping-stone that will turn your lead into gold. For Jim Rogers, a financial commentator, and businessman, compounding is the magic of investing. With compounding, you can make your money work harder for you. 

But the question everybody would want to ask is how then do you put your money to work? Do you buy any stock and leave and resell? Otherwise, do you invest and leave the money to grow? The simple answer to this question is in the power of compounding.  

What Then Is the Power of Compounding? 

The power of compounding is simply the secret recipe for gaining wealth or getting rich.  It is the interest you earn on reinvested interest. To know what the power of compounding is, understand that there are two types of interest, compound, and simple interest. Simple interest is the profit gotten only on the money you save. But compound interest is what compounding brings to you.  

With compound interest, you earn more money on your principal amount and the accumulated interest amount over successive periods. After a while, this profit mounts into a substantial amount. It is what we call the power of compounding. Even Albert Einstein calls the magic of compounding, which is to grow compound interest ‘the eighth wonder of the world.’  

I know your mind is thinking and cooking up ways to make this work. Don’t worry, that’s where we are getting to. 

How Does Compounding Work? 

Let us find out how compounding works with the help of a hypothetical illustration.  

Consider that there are two investors Evans and Henry.  These two persons are looking for prospects and opportunities to generate more money with an initial investment of a hundred dollars. Now, they spot an opportunity where they can earn more interest at 15% per annum. Then they both decide to invest in the stock for ten years. 

Evans chooses to calculate his interest as compound interest while Henry opts for his profit to be calculated as simple interest. 

Particulars Evans Henry 
Principal invested $100 $100 
Rate of interest 15% 15% 
Period of Investment (in years) 5 5 
Amount of maturity $174.9 $160 
The difference in the final value $14.9  

From this table, we see that Evans accumulates a corpus, which is $14.9 higher than Henry. In this investment, the power of compounding is prominent in Evans investment because there was an addition of Evans interest in the previous periods in the next periods. It helped Evans increase his earnings. But for Henry, they calculated his profits on the initial principal for every period.  

How Is Compounding Powerful? 

Compounding is powerful because it can work to grow your interests in your investments. It makes compounding a compelling factor in your wealth creation. For example, when you decide to invest in a business, with compounding, your interest grows every day, and you get to increase your money. In essence, compounding is similar to how a multiplier works. You gain interest in your initial capital, which also earns a profit. Then, the value of your investment keeps increasing rather than staying stagnant.  

Besides, compounding also helps you to repay loans. I guess that right now, you are thinking, how does this make compounding powerful? Well, it is simple. With compounding, you can pay half of your mortgage fee twice a month. For example, instead of making the full payment once a month, compounding will help you cut down your amortization period and save you a considerable amount of profit.  

Interesting right? The question everyone should ask at this point is; 

Incorporating Compounding Power into Your Investment.  

Incorporating compounding into your investment is not that simple. But, with these few steps, you can put ‘man’s greatest invention,’ according to Albert Einstein, into growing your wealth. 

  1. Start Early 

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, started compounding at the age of fourteen. So, if you want to reap from the power of compounding, start investing early.  

  1. Ensure That You Invest for A Long Period 

To make your investment grow, you need to invest for as long as possible. It is because long term investments garner more interest than short investments. 

  1. Invest More in Equity Markets  

By equity markets, I mean a stock market. In an equity market, the shares of different companies are disbursed and traded in the market. So, if you want to take this power into your investment, invest in quality stocks.  

  1. Learn Patience 

To make more money, you need to be patient. Invest patiently so that over time you can reap healthy returns.  

Though all these points are necessary, ensure that you spend more time on step 3. Investing in the equity market requires your time and effort, and you need to know what stock has quality.  

The best way to take advantage of compounding power is to start investing wisely and as early as possible. If you start investing early, then the greater will be the power of compounding in your investments. So, you now know the power of compounding. You don’t need to be a monetarist or financial expert before you can benefit from the power of compounding. Why don’t you start investing? You never can tell where your wealth will come from.  

Stop Spending So Much Time in Your Head

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Did you know that time is an entity that waits for nobody? Imagine spending about sixty per cent of your time in your head just stressing and worrying about impractical things when you can channel that mental energy into practical things, like finding solutions to problems and positive things. 

William James, a trained physician who later became a philosopher, holds that many people spend so much time in their heads. However, they come up with no useful knowledge after thinking webbecause ninety-nine per cent of their thoughts is useless. 

Then you ask someone why they spend so much time in their heads, and they say that they can’t help the thoughts that come to their mind. A mind is a tool that should work for you and not against you. When you think about un-useful things like why your life sucks or what if you get cancer, it does not have any practical use.  

Have you ever asked yourself what will happen when you live too much in your head?  You forget the reason for your existence. Your heart that should know what it wants will cease to speak clearly. Even your gut suffers from being ignored. The hands that you use for working will remain idle, and your feet get stuck in the filth. 

If you are to spend so much time in your mind, why don’t you go for practical situations that you can solve and not things that have no answer to them? Every human thought should only be for internalizing knowledge and solving problems. When you frequently spend much time in your head, you might go mental and miss out on life.  

So, ask yourself:  

How Do I Train Myself to Stop Spending Time in My Head?  

The answer to this question is easy. But many people that have spent so much time thinking useless things might find it difficult. You have to follow these steps to spend less time in your head and use your brain for practical situations.  

  1. Be Aware of Your Thoughts 

Awareness plays a significant role in helping you spend less time in your head. Every time you start stressing out and worrying, you have to be aware of it. It is because thoughts are behaviours or habits. If you want to change a habit, you need to first get the pattern to it. It means that you have to watch and listen to yourself whenever you are thinking. 

Your mind can be your greatest foe as it loves to doubt things. So, you have to stay alert when you think. Just step outside your brain and observe the things you are thinking. It is one of the best ways to help you spend less time in your head.  

  1. Don’t Worry About What You Notice.

Ask yourself if you find out that you occupy your thoughts with irrelevant things, will you look down on yourself?  Worrying about your observations will not solve the problem. So, don’t judge yourself or think that you are stupid. If you do so, then you are engaging yourself in another crazy thought.  

The best thing you could do at this time is to smile and say to yourself: “Wow, that’s a nice thought! But let me go back to reality.” 

  1. Get Back to Reality 

Many people choose to get stuck in their heads because they believe it can help them feel. Sometimes they feel that it is an escape from doing anything because you need to work to own your thing, which is scary. 

I understand that exposing your thoughts to the word can be scary and risky. But it is necessary. Therefore, you need to get back to reality. In the real world, you will learn how to experience life and texture. When you return to reality, you will notice the delicate colours, scents, movements, words, and feel of life. 

  1. Challenge Yourself 

William James believes that if you can change the way you think, you can change your life. In essence, if we can change our minds, we can alter the course of our lives for the better.  Every day, challenge yourself to think about new things, such as solving a problem at home.

You can also channel your mind to acquire more knowledge instead of zooming off to a world of fantasies.  Whatever method you choose to challenge yourself, remember that the thoughts on your mind should not stress you out. Instead, it should make living fun.  

  1. Meditate 

When you start living in your mind, and your thoughts are getting out of track, meditate. Meditation helps you relax your mind and body. It is a form of stress management that makes you feel peaceful and calm. There are different ways to relax your mind to spend less time in your head. You can try; 

  • Breathing exercises. 
  • Listen to soothing music. 
  • Soak in a warm bath. 
  • Practice mindful meditation by listening to your body. 
  • Try writing as it enables you to pour out your emotions. 
  • Do yoga. 

Meditation gets your brain relaxed and functioning to solve practical life issues.  

  1. Change Your Thoughts 

You need to change your thinking process after getting back into reality. When your negative thinking changes, everything else follows. Many people fear letting go of their negative thoughts, and these thoughts have become a part of their being and identity. 

If you find yourself in this situation, get out of your mind by replacing one irrelevant opinion at a time. It will bring greater fulfilment and promising life satisfaction. 

The Bottom Line: 

You don’t need to get stuck in your mind. If you do not get out of your head, you will keep stressing out and feel frustrated. Getting out of your mind requires choosing one idea over another. When you spend less time in your mind, you get to enjoy the fun things of life. Then your thought connects to a new action.  Challenge yourself to get out of that loop and get to enjoy different opportunities.  

How to Start A Blog Without Knowing How to Code

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If you think that blogging should be only for people who know how to code, think again. Though previously starting a blog required some complex coding languages like CSS and HTML, it is not.   

In the technologically advanced world today, you can easily create a blog with software like WordPress. WordPress allows you to create a blog without using codes. Now, I start a blog without knowing how to code and be a tech wizard. Well, it is simple. Just follow these steps and build your blog without coding using WordPress. 

  1. Set a Goal for Your Blog 

The first step for creating your blog is defining the goal you want your website to achieve. Many people skip this step and jump into designing a website. It will make that blog without aim and thus will not attract readers. Before you begin anything, ask yourself, “what do I want to achieve?” 

Maybe you hear people talk about their blogs, and you want to own one like them. Or you heard that blogging pays so, you want to start one. Well, you might successfully develop one but, what if after building it, you become tired and the site dies just like that. What then have you achieved? Setting a goal for your blog will help you understand what you want and how best to go about it. 

  1. Know Your Audience 

So, you have thought about your goal. The next thing to do is to figure out the target audience. Try to know who you are writing for because the success of your blog depends on them. To define your audience, think about the reason you started the blog in the first place.  

If your goal is to help entrepreneurs know how to get their products to clients through online marketing, your audience should be entrepreneurs. Defining your audience will help you publish articles that are relevant to the right readers. 

  1. Adopt a Different Strategy 

The market today is full of competition because everybody wants to grab attention for their business. So, it would help if you adopted a strategy that is unique to only you. To do this, know what you are competing withYou may think that your competition is just other bloggers. But this is not the case. Many people could choose to watch a Tv show or news over reading your blog. 

Therefore, you have to create creative, innovative, and unconventional content to grab the reader’s attention. But to do this, you cannot employ the same strategies as others. Adopt a different view. 

  1. Find a Good Host Company 

Now, this is where a bit of technicality comes to play. The host company provides you with a cybernetic land to run your website. This situation is like renting a store to sell your goods. The only difference is that getting a hosting company is digitally inclined. 

The hosting provider will make sure that people can reach your site, and they also provide automatic backup for your site. 

  1. Install WordPress and Familiarize Yourself with it 

After getting a hosting company, connect to WordPress, and get familiar with it. Look at the settings and input how many posts you want viewable per page if you want comments on your articles or the type of plugins you need.  You can use plugins like Easy Google Fonts, Jetpack, Yoast SEO, or WP Smush. They will work well for your website. 

  1. Choose your Theme 

Have you noticed that we haven’t mentioned using codes? Well, that’s the idea. In WordPress, choosing descriptions cost a lot because there are no decent free themes. But one advantage of WordPress is that you can buy a theme, without the help of a developer. Some great themes to look out for are the Olsen theme by CSSIgniter and Authority Pro theme by StudioPress 

  1. Dont Obsess Over A Design.

One piece of advice I always give to people who wish to design a site is not to waste their time designing it. Don’t get me wrong. Designs are great and would give that professional look to your blog. But imagine after a series of designs, you post an article, and no one reads them; what then? You will probably regret that you wasted time. 

Know that not many people care about design. The only thing readers want is for the article to be legible. To make your content readable, choose a font that is clear, bold, and easy to read. 

  1. Build an Email List 

It is one necessary factor you need to put in mind. It is because you never know when your site will attract readers’ attention. So, you should start an email list. To make this list, try using Convertkit. It is easy, reliable, and low-priced. 

  1. Grow Traffic for Your Site 

It is one constant factor many bloggers ask when designing their site. The simple means to grow traffic on your site is by getting referrals. I bet you are thinking about how to go about this. Well, the most likely method is to use search engines. Also, write content on what people are interested in. Dont just sit back and hope that people will type in your website. After publishing content, notify your subscribers. 

  1. Be Consistent 

Consistency is the key to getting more viewers to your page. No matter your level of writing and how good or bad it is, what matters is that you always post something. But note that the number of articles you post is not everything. As long as you can publish one or more articles every week that are readable, creative, and interesting, the readers will always be there to share your post. Forget what other bloggers say about having to post at least eight articles in a week. It does not work like that.   

Setting up a website without coding is very easy. Just follow this guide to help you create your blog.  If you are already blogging and see no results, you can also follow these steps. They will help you bring traffic to your site. 

Thoughts Winter Brings to Mind

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For years, the winter season has become one of the most anticipated times of the year. The Winter season occurs after autumn and is one of the coldest seasons in the year. Whether your surroundings have mountains filled with snow or not, the winter feeling gets to you no matter where you are.

Although many people think the winter season limits them because of the cold and snowy weather, others can not wait to be at that moment again. When you think about winter, you get to relive so many memories and think about the next winter to come.

Many people think of the kind of food they get to eat in this season and how beautiful they look in winter clothes. Others might think of the feeling of having a hot cup of coffee in this season, exploring the snow-covered state, or sitting on a blanket while reading and drinking coffee.

In all, humans cannot help feeling the holiday spirit this season comes with, and different images are bound to run in your mind. For me, winter brings many thoughts to mind, such as the Christmas season, family tradition, and snowy days.

1.      Christmas Season

This time of the year gives more charm to winter. It being one of the favorite seasons of everyone even as children, the Christmas period is one part of winter that everyone eagerly waits to come.  It is because, in this period, many fun activities occur like: looking for a tree to cut down and decorate. Also, this season brings to mind the ritual of opening gifts during Christmas morning with loved ones.

Most people also think about the baking spree they engage themselves in and the time they spend with family and friends. Children find this time more exciting than other periods of the year, and you will always hear a kid say: ‘I can’t wait for Christmas.’ Just thinking of the countless gifts they receive each Christmas makes winter a much-anticipated period for them.

2.      Family Traditions

It is one function that almost everybody engages in during the winter season. Before the winter season, many people have jobs packed up for them, and most do not get to visit their families. But, one advantage of this season is that families get to come together to hold their events. It is a core aspect that makes thinking about the winter season fun.

Some people get to watch movies together, sing Christmas hymns, bake and cook together, or even camp. With the air getting colder, the thoughts of being with family and all the memories spent with them gets more exciting.

3.      Snowy Days

Have you ever been in a snowy situation or watched snowfall? The Winter season brings back this memory and feelings. On snowy days, people tend to go outside with their scarves and gloves while walking in the falling snow with tall boots.

For high school and college kids, they want classes to end so that they will run in the snow and play with their friends. For couples, sitting and home and watching the snowfall while cuddling on the couch with a blanket is one thought they cannot take of the mind.

Imagine you sitting close to your window, drinking coffee and reading a book while watching the snowfall. Although this sounds exciting, these are not the only thoughts winter brings to mind. Other thoughts include building snow angels with friends, cozy fires with loved ones, sledding, Christmas carols, handmade cards, and also snowboarding.

Having these thoughts brings me a certain sense of happiness every time because it is my favorite season of all. Nevertheless, this feeling can be different for everybody, and everyone might not share the same thinking. So, what do you love about winter, and what thoughts does it bring to you? Share the favorite things you love about winter with us, and let us get to know you more.

If Keyboards Could Talk


In the era of technological advancement we are, individuals are seeking knowledge on the net because it is a good source of information. But, imagine what would happen if an electronic device like a keyboard could talk to you.

You open your PC to search for something, and immediately you click on a keyboard key, it starts talking. Sounds like what you see in a movie, right? Many persons will feel that they are leaving a dream, and the world would soon turn upside down.

But, what if a keyboard could speak? What do you think will happen? If a keyboard could talk to humans, I believe that it would have a couple of things to tell us. You don’t think so? Let us look at things this device will likely tell us.

1.      It Would Tell You to Take A Break and Let It Sleep

It is one thing a keyboard will surely tell all its constant users. If my keyboard could talk, I am sure it will want me to get it a breathing space so it could sleep. Imagine you typing on your keyboard, and one day you hear a voice saying something like: “Hey dude, go get a life and get your hands off me.”

It will not be the fault of the keyboard because many people spend all their hours and time surfing for information on the net. Others want to overcome idealness, and they go to different social media available.

2.      Thank You for Dressing Me Up

It might not be the case for everyone, but I am sure my keyboard will always love me for providing it with a silicone protector. Do not think this is so? Let me explain. Because we frequently place the keyboard on the table, it is usually prone to food and crumbs that fall on it more than five times a day. So, assuming that a keyboard could talk, it would always thank you for protecting it from dirt.

3.      Say What You Are Thinking

Another thing our keyboard would tell us if they could speak is that people should be more honest and open with their thoughts. It is because many people backspace and delete messages when typing. Humans are notable for holding back emotions and thoughts and frequently hide them away.

Some get afraid of losing someone or saying hurtful things with their thoughts. So, they bottle it up. I don’t know for you, but I assume that our keyboards would prefer that we be honest with everyone we know than having to hold back feelings.

This way, we do not get emotional on it by using it as a medium to pour out thoughts.

4.      It Tells You Who You Are

If a keyboard could talk, it would tell us more about ourselves than most people will. Why is it so, you ask? It is because there are countless things that we look-up on the internet that we would never tell our friends. These things could be something mortifying or a dark secret.

But then, we spend so much time on our keyboards that they could see right through us and can dictate every part of our lives.

If a keyboard could speak, it would know the ins and out of everybody’s life and will even be able to perform tasks like serving as an alarm, calendar, or confident. Many humans are introvert. Hence, they find it difficult to associate with others. It will give the keyboard that avenue to know so many things and act many roles in our life without us being conscious of it.

Many people will not agree with this ideology, but it is a fact, believe it or not. Don’t think this is possible? Quickly type in the contact you call frequently and see if your keyboard will bring out the details before you.  What do you think your keyboard will say to you if it could talk?

Childhood Plans: What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up


Webxcell Digital: Strangely, when I started writing this article, I could not help but smile and remember the tiny version of myself who had big dreams and no obstacles to harden her. When I was younger, I believed that I could do anything and be everything. But as I grew older, I began to realize that most of those childhood dreams were unrealistic such as; being a superhero or a princess. So, as an adult, I had to be more realistic in my career plans.

Almost every kid has had a career they felt was the right choice for them. For some, it was the thing that they loved doing most. Others get influenced by what they see and the people that stay around them. In most situations, it is the very thing that they spend their time and hours doing without knowing the reason for doing it. I could easily say it was their passion.

While growing, my interest frequently changed because several things intrigued me at different points, and I wanted to try them all. It would be fair to say that I was a bit scatter-brained when considering a dream profession.

At a time, I wanted to be a Rockstar. Surprising dream for a kid at that age. Well, it was thanks to my dad. My dad was a fan of rock and roll fan, and I could not help falling-in-love with it. I can still remember us dancing to Headstrong by Trapt and me trying to play like them. But if you ask me today about this dream, it was unrealistic for me because I never even had a singing voice.

At another time, I aspired to be a veterinarian because I was a lover of pets. I came to this conclusion when my Dog ‘Ferry’ fell sick, and I could not do anything. I thought to myself what I could do to make him feel better. After crying for a while, I promised myself that I would keep all pets safe in the future and make them feel better. Although I never became a veterinarian, I still try my best to secure, feed, and help lost pets.

 Looking back, I recall there was a period I wanted to be a cop. Yes, a cop. You can say I became influenced by the crime movies I watched then. I felt that If I could become a police officer, I would have handcuffs and use them to arrest bad people. The thought of having handcuffs and driving a police car was exciting.

However, my plans took a different turn when I started playing football. Football was my dream game, and I played it with so much passion that my dad signed me up for our community team. It took a while to get over the goal of being a footballer, but by then, I was already getting to know that most dreams were only dreams and would never come to be. Then, I started looking at the bigger picture and dreaming big.

I became obsessed with flying and read a lot of kid novels that included piloting. For me, piloting was one of the coolest professions, and I could get to travel the world and live a jet setter life. At this stage, I did not understand that being a pilot took a lot of hard work, time, money, test, and training. Fortunately, I prepared myself for this, and I gave it my best shot.

You may be thinking right now if I work as a Pilot. The answer is no. although I loved learning the tricks of being a pilot, time, and understanding of how the world works have made me go for something much more achievable.

Childhood plans and dreams are something every kid at every phase will experience. Most people feel that these dreams are unachievable, but if you put your mind to that dream, anything is possible. How about you? What did you want to be when growing up?

A Business Product That Changed My Business

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Webxcell Digital :The world of technology that we live in today is seeking different ways to meet the needs of everybody. The business world is not an exemption of this feud, and it passionately tries to tailor every consumer’s needs. However, in a situation where the products an enterprise offers its customers do not meet their needs, what then? Should that business seek new products to grab customer attention or wind-up?

When a business wants to shift its course and product they offer to clients, the enterprise should take into account market research. And for every company that takes this step, dozens end up failing. A major component of running a business is knowing that change is unavoidable. The market environments, consumer demands, and economy could alter at any time. Hence, business owners need to adapt to this shift.

Running my business had always been a long dream, and getting to fulfill it was by far the most thrilling experience of my life. However, with time, modern-day inventions became capable of meeting most consumers and needs, and the competition sky rocketed.

I realized that running a business in a consumer-driven world may be challenging. It is because, in the business industry, a profitable company is like a shark. It chews up the competition in its prime, but if it becomes dormant, it dies. This realization helped me understand that my business had to move with the economy.

So, as a digital marketer, I opted for a new product that will bring attention and recognition to my business. This product changed my business and brought new clients to the organization. Many of us might be wondering what this product is and how it helped. To be precise, it is called the SAAS product.


In full terms, SAAS means Software-as-a-service. It is also called Subscribeware or Rentware. With the economy ever-changing, I looked for a service-based product that will help revitalize and upgrade my business. Hence, with the help of a software programmer, I was able to get the word out on my business, and clients could get information and access to our services.

The SAAS product ensured that customers would automatically know of any product, its features, and how to go about getting the product. What this merchandise provided my business was that I did not have to manage my business website. All I had to do was pay for it to a company like WordPress to host the website for me. A lot of people ask how I was able to achieve this feat, and I always say this to them:

·        Find the Reason For the Change

The thing with running a business is that change is constant. So, when your business is no longer generating profit, you need to find out the reason for the development. With this in mind, I was able to understand that logic behind the change was the tech-based inventions. Getting this idea made me push forward to finding a business product that would grab the attention of clients.

·        Make Market Research

After finding out the basis for the change, the next thing I did, was to conduct market research on the best product and service to improve my business. Understand that you need to carry out this survey yourself.  It is because, as a business owner, a survey will make you understand what your customers want.

·        You Either Adapt or Die

When I tell people this, they usually find it troubling. Yes, in the business world, there are two things involved. It is either you work with the changing times, or you let your establishment fall. Getting to employ the SAAS product ensured that my business became profitable.

If you are a business owner, you need to understand that it is necessary to sell and supply a product that will make your enterprise known. So, try discovering and studying the needs of your customers and change in the economy. It will help grow your business.

How I Overcome Challenges

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Challenges are a big part of all humans’ lives. You may think that you have it all figured out but then get to a major road, and you don’t know what to do. Learning how to face these obstacles will keep you calm and collected under pressure. When the going gets tough, everyone has their methods of overcoming them. For me, there are a few tricks I employ.

1.      Plan

Planning always works for me. While you can not predict what will happen tomorrow, you can always plan. Access and look for things that occur with the same pattern in your life. Then, draw a plan that will help you conquer them.

For instance, when I face challenges that have to do with time management, I always zero-in my calendar and reminder. This way, I get notified of the event when due.

2.      Set Your Goals

Goal-setting is a simple thing to achieve if you follow the laid-out rules. Although goals should be challenging, it must also be achievable. I always make sure to set goals out of my comfort zone and never low. While most people will not agree with this, setting my goals and knowing the challenges it entails helps me prepare for the future. Therefore, setting me up to win.

3.      Take Risks

When you set goals, you should also be willing to take risks. Taking risks will help you get rid of the fear of failure, and it will help you to achieve more than you ever imagined.

4.      know You are Not Alone

As humans, everyone has that low point in their life. Some may hide or handle it well, while others may find it too depressing. The truth is that you are not the only one going through these challenging times. So, do not think that you are alone. The best way to handle this trial is to reach out to my loved ones.

5.      Forget Pride

Forget your ego and ask for help. You do not need to feel ashamed because you are not perfect. When you speak your feelings and concerns, it will surprise you to know that people are willing to help.

6.      Accept Help

The ability to accept support from loved ones will prove helpful in so many situations. Some people might scale asking for help. But what about taking support? I make sure to take help whenever it comes because it relieves me of struggling to win.

7.      Lend Helping Hands to Others

There is an adage that says that “whatever you give, is what you will get.” If you see someone that needs help, try your best to help. When I help others, it does not only benefit them but me too because, in my time of difficulties, they always show support.

8.      Think Positive

Your mindset becomes your reality. I always try to train my mind to think positively. However, it takes time and practice. To be positive, you need to practice awareness through meditation. It is because when you can acknowledge your thoughts and let them flow, you can halt negative thoughts.

9.      Never Give Up

Giving up is never an option for me because I believe that persistence is the key to overcoming challenges. To give up means to admit defeat, and you will never overcome that difficulty.

10. Work Smart

When facing difficult times, it is better to work smarter than harder. After all, smartness considers everything about that situation and helps you determine the right course to take. To do this, outline and define your goals, then plan how to get there. After this, survey how things work. Make sure to consider your skills before getting to work.

The bottom line is that challenges are inevitable, and learning how to deal with them takes time. When faced with ups and downs, recall that they are there to test your beliefs, inner strength, and patience. But facing them head-on will help you overcome them. Difficult times never last, tough people do. Which are you?

If Space Travel Were Here Today

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Space is that vacuum, which contains almost nothing but is not empty. It does not have a specific altitude above the Earth and also transmits no sound. With these facts on space, man still found a way to make this almost void entity interesting. According to scientists, man can travel to space.  But, imagine the implications of space travel being possible.

If at this modern age, space travel was available, it would mean that more and more people will travel to space. As humans, the phenomena of space have always intrigued us because we suppose that it is the future. It is why many Indian movies and movies made in Hollywood, such as; Martian and Interstellar have a space-based theme that shows man’s interest to travel to space.

Humans also believe that exploring space will help us provide a new place for our species where we can call home in trying times. But obviously, this is not the only practical thing that will happen if space travel were here today. If space travel was present;

1.      There Will Be New Technologies and Discoveries

There have been great technologies designed to take a man to space like the Voyager 1, which is the first spacecraft to reach interstellar space in August 2012. Although humans viewed this spacecraft as one of the best, the world is ever-changing, and discoveries every day. The advent of space travel today will ensure that there are up-to-date spacecraft that can take humans to space.

Also, space travel today will teach us how to improve our lives on Earth. For example, there is medical research performed right now in space that could cure diseases and help prolong human lives. But scientists can only carry out this research in that almost empty void. Imagine if space travel was not here today the possibility of scientists achieving this feat.

2.      Backup Colonies Will be Known

In the world, there are more than seven billion humans, which is a lot. In a situation where the earth is fully cramped, or something happens to the earth, space travel will guarantee that there is a backup home for a man to live. Thus, the existence of space travel in the present day will ensure that humans will survive no matter what happens to planet Earth by colonizing other foreign bodies in the solar system.

3.      More Raw Materials

As new technologies come to be, our natural resources also continue to increase. Extracting valuable materials from the Earth has led to so many problems, such as; environmental damage and human exploitation. However, if space travel were here, man will be able to get a wealth of raw materials in space. Organizations like Planetary Resources believe that if there were space travel today, they would effectively mine asteroids instead of Earth. It will bring an unlimited supply of precious materials to the Earth.

Nevertheless, man is curious and has begun seeking ways to go into space. It is why the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hopes to send their first spacecraft to Mars to examine the atmosphere and climate change. While China prepares to send an orbiter and rover on the same trip to Mars. The only difference between these missions is that China plans to discover if there is any current or previous life there.

Achieving spaceflight allows man to begin exploring the solar system to identify and observe the many objects from a space perspective.  It would also help humans benefit from the resources and traits the space environment entails.

Therefore, it will be safe to say that if space travel were here today, many people would journey to space. There will be many discoveries, new technologies, and we will save our raw materials. There will also be backup colonies like; Mars, where they will build luxury hotels, and people would tour space while enjoying themselves. If space travel were here today, what will you do?

Intuition and Business

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Instinctive decision making is a beneficial tool in the business world and differs entirely from logical processes. It is why business experts always rely on patterns to make decisions. But how do these two systems interact?

Concept of Intuition and Business

Intuition is sometimes known as a gut feeling, instinct, or sixth sense. Many psychologists define intuition to mean an automatic feeling of instant knowledge that comes neither from perception or reasoning. This instinct comes suddenly, and you cannot doubt its existence. However, it emanates with a sense of awareness and certainty that sets it apart from a guess.

On the other hand, a business is a commercial enterprise or organization whose main aim is to produce and sell goods for profit. Intuition works to make your business grow.

Is Honing Your Intuition Necessary for Your Business?

About twenty percent of upstart entrepreneurs who undertake business ventures do not think it necessary to enhance your intuitive thinking. For them, logic is a better decision-making process that will help instigate business growth. However, a large number of CEO’s and business experts believe that to run a lucrative enterprise, intuition is a necessary and powerful tool.

Perfecting intuition will help differentiate several elements that logic and empirical data seem to overshadow. It will also help you make the right decision when faced with unavailable facts while taking into consideration other factors.

Ways to Hone Intuition for Business

Although these two systems are independent, they also work closely together. For many years, businesses have run based purely on observed data and statistics, and it tends to excel sometimes. But then, most of the famous enterprises to have ever been in existence boost of thriving on not only factual data but also the involvement of intuitive reasoning.

Your intuitive power is one necessary tool to advance and make your business a success. Though, for this to happen, an entrepreneur needs to understand and know the ways to improve that instinct. To do this, a business owner should:

  1. Be aware and learn more about the environment that the business is situated.
  2. Learn to be confident and know more about themselves. It will ensure that you do not take irrelevant steps and decisions.
  3. Be able to take intuitive risks and let go of all empirical restraints when necessary.
  4. Be free from fear of failure and loss of control.

When an entrepreneur can hone intuition perfectly, it helps recognize patterns clearly that occur in new business ventures based on past experiences. Hence, your intuition will be able to tell you which information is useful for your business and which one is irrelevant.

When to Use Intuition in Business

Even though your gut feeling might tell you that this is the right step to take in the business decision-making process, it may not be the best way at all times. It might sound contradictory to the necessity of intuitive reasoning, but it is not. While CEOs and the business executives are prone to trust their instincts, they should understand that in some unpredictable situations, strategic business choices tend to work where intuition will not produce the same results.

For example, employing a corporately dressed candidate and a casually dressed one. You might think that the corporately dressed one will have something decent to offer your company, but at the end of the day, this instinct might be wrong. While the first impression may indicate that the candidate is a good fit, the instinct is misleading because it only has to do with bias. Hence, in this case, intuition should be put-off.

To use intuition, first assess its reliability by asking yourself two significant questions:

  • How probable is the location that you are working on?
  • Have you taken this decision several times before with great feedback?

If you arrive at a positive answer, then proceed and trust your instincts. Intuition and business are two aspects that can not be separated. Hence, understand what it takes to employ your sixth sense before applying it in your corporation.