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If Space Travel Were Here Today

Space is that vacuum, which contains almost nothing but is not empty. It does not have a specific altitude above the Earth and also transmits no sound. With these facts on space, man still found a way to make this almost void entity interesting. According to scientists, man can travel to space.  But, imagine the implications of space travel being possible.

If at this modern age, space travel was available, it would mean that more and more people will travel to space. As humans, the phenomena of space have always intrigued us because we suppose that it is the future. It is why many Indian movies and movies made in Hollywood, such as; Martian and Interstellar have a space-based theme that shows man’s interest to travel to space.

Humans also believe that exploring space will help us provide a new place for our species where we can call home in trying times. But obviously, this is not the only practical thing that will happen if space travel were here today. If space travel was present;

1.      There Will Be New Technologies and Discoveries

There have been great technologies designed to take a man to space like the Voyager 1, which is the first spacecraft to reach interstellar space in August 2012. Although humans viewed this spacecraft as one of the best, the world is ever-changing, and discoveries every day. The advent of space travel today will ensure that there are up-to-date spacecraft that can take humans to space.

Also, space travel today will teach us how to improve our lives on Earth. For example, there is medical research performed right now in space that could cure diseases and help prolong human lives. But scientists can only carry out this research in that almost empty void. Imagine if space travel was not here today the possibility of scientists achieving this feat.

2.      Backup Colonies Will be Known

In the world, there are more than seven billion humans, which is a lot. In a situation where the earth is fully cramped, or something happens to the earth, space travel will guarantee that there is a backup home for a man to live. Thus, the existence of space travel in the present day will ensure that humans will survive no matter what happens to planet Earth by colonizing other foreign bodies in the solar system.

3.      More Raw Materials

As new technologies come to be, our natural resources also continue to increase. Extracting valuable materials from the Earth has led to so many problems, such as; environmental damage and human exploitation. However, if space travel were here, man will be able to get a wealth of raw materials in space. Organizations like Planetary Resources believe that if there were space travel today, they would effectively mine asteroids instead of Earth. It will bring an unlimited supply of precious materials to the Earth.

Nevertheless, man is curious and has begun seeking ways to go into space. It is why the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hopes to send their first spacecraft to Mars to examine the atmosphere and climate change. While China prepares to send an orbiter and rover on the same trip to Mars. The only difference between these missions is that China plans to discover if there is any current or previous life there.

Achieving spaceflight allows man to begin exploring the solar system to identify and observe the many objects from a space perspective.  It would also help humans benefit from the resources and traits the space environment entails.

Therefore, it will be safe to say that if space travel were here today, many people would journey to space. There will be many discoveries, new technologies, and we will save our raw materials. There will also be backup colonies like; Mars, where they will build luxury hotels, and people would tour space while enjoying themselves. If space travel were here today, what will you do?

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