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My Favourite Free Tools/Resources

Did you know that every business needs at least two tools to make them noticeable? You might feel that you do not need any resources to start up or refurbish your organization. However, you need to understand that there are several competitions out there, and your enterprise needs to be unique.

For this reason, there are necessary tools that you need to know to grow your business. These resources include the article writer, free recovery software, and PC cleaner.

Article Rewriter

This tool is also known as Paraphrase Online or Text Spinner. It is a software application that is free and automatically rephrases any text so that you still get the meaning and message of the actual content. People who frequently use this resource are content creators, bloggers, website administrators, and marketing agencies. It is because it makes their work easier and imitates contents while seeming original.

It makes your business a success, with slight effort on your part. It is simple to use. Just copy and paste a text into space or text box that is available. Then, click the box with the re-write article to get your new content. A perfect example of an article rewriter is the Dupli Checker rewriter tool. It is efficient for difficult days because it helps you paraphrase articles and saves time and quality of content.

Free Recovery Software

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally delete some documents? Well, this is nothing to worry about because the free recovery software helps you solve this challenge. With the aid of this platform, you can easily retrieve any lost or hidden files. To top it off, you do not have to waste money on it because it is free. Here is some free recovery software that you can get for free.

1.      EaseUS Data Recovery

Also called Easy-to-use, this tool offers you a scannable drive that lets you preview all lost files from an Explorer-like display. With this program, your workload reduces and becomes smooth. It helps you recover data from external and internal HDD, USB flash drive, SD card, SSD, and Camera.

It also has two modes of scanning to recover lost data after formatting, device damage, deletion, system error, and virus attack. You can also retrieve lost data like documents, images and photos, multimedia files, database data, emails, and program files using this resource.

2.      Stellar Data Recovery

This tool is perfect for recovering lost documents, files, or data like videos, photos, or write ups. It serves both individual and organization needs and is available for Mac and Windows users. It restores emails, exports mailbox data in different formats, repair PowerPoint, backup files use Virtual Machine Recovery for data recovery.

3.      Disk Drill

This data recovery software is one of the easiest and powerful tools to use when you lose a file. It has a less complex interface, unlike the other resources. Here you can scan the file or image you may have lost and preview them. It will ensure that you are retrieving the right file.

PC Cleaner Free

This tool serves to remove unnecessary audios, files, images, and videos from your system. It also helps prevent the virus from getting into your PC and increase its battery life. It increases the speed of your computer and ensures the productivity of your business. There are various Free PC cleaners that you can get to enable the ease of your work. Here are some of them:

·         Wise Care 365

This tool optimizes and cleans up unwanted files, boost your system, and speeds up operation. It also protects your privacy by cleaning Internet history on your computer.

·         CleanMyMac

As the name suggests, it keeps your PC free from junk and makes it run fast. It can also locate locked documents, remove malware and adware, and support the Mac network.

·         Restoro

This type of PC cleaner stops your computer from being slow and crashing by optimizing data and safely repairing your computer. It can also fix message errors, restore and remodel Windows OS, and warn against unsafe websites.

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