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Top 10 Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Amongst the various methods of online marketing, e-mail marketing has stood successfully to the test of time. E-mail marketing is the process of connecting with your consumer via e-mails sent to them. Many believe that it is an outdated marketing technique, but they cannot be further away from the truth. All major companies use e-mail marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategies. E-mails help to direct your customers to your accounts on various platforms, including your blog, social media, and website. It goes beyond geographical constraints to bring as many customers to your product or service as possible.

It is the easiest way to let your customers know that you value them while keeping in touch with them on a consistent basis. As per data, email marketing is almost 40 times more effective as compared to popular social media platforms in bringing in customers. So for those who say it is from a bygone era, here some most powerful benefits that an email can give to your business.

Take a look at the top ten benefits of e-mail marketing that prove it to be one of the most effective marketing techniques.

  1. Personalized

Any person likes to be approached not as general masses, but as individuals, and e-mail marketing does it best. Personalization in e-mails impacts the consumers more and makes them familiar with your company. When a company sends its subscribers an e-mail tailored exclusively for them, it makes them feel special. This, in turn, increases brand loyalty, so that customers prefer to buy from your company more because of how important your company makes them feel.

  1. High Reach

Most people check their e-mails throughout the day since it usually delivers important messages and is a converging point for many activities that they keep track of. That is the major reason why e-mail marketing works better than other social media marketing. The customer’s inbox is a place where you can regularly give updates about your company and its products; with these messages carrying more weight than similar messages in other social media.

Email Marketing Reach

  1. Inexpensive

Sending e-mails is fast and easy, and they cost very little to nothing. You can now reach nearly the same amount of people you could reach through newspapers or magazines, with a fraction of the money that you would spend for either. You might only have to pay for the e-mail broadcasting applications to send multiple messages. In order to make your audience to sign up to be a part of the email list, you can offer them something tempting in return, like a discount coupon or an information booklet related to your field. E-mail marketing acts as a boon for small businesses, which don’t have a huge amount of money to splurge on advertising and need high returns for the money that they do spend.

  1. Effective

A good e-mail marketing campaign offers returns that are much higher than the amount of effort put in. The more relevant and personalized your campaign is, the more likely people are to purchase your product or service. That is why e-mail marketing can really boost the sales of your product. When you send a targeted and attractive e-mail alert to the customer about an offer or a sale, they tend to click on the link provided in the email and check out the products for themselves at your website from whatever gadget they are using at that time.

  1. Return on Investment

It is a statistically proven fact that the return on investment for e-mail marketing is significantly higher than many other methods of online marketing. The average ROI for e-mail marketing is 42:1, which means a good number of people are responding to your call-to-action. A company should send e-mails at regular intervals while improving the quality of the content in the e-mails. On average, for every $1 spent on a good e-mail marketing campaign, $38 is earned.

Increase ROI return on investment

  1. Quantifiable Gains

Traditional forms of marketing are steeped with uncertainty, but with e-mail marketing, you don’t have to wonder about the impact your emails have made on your target audience. In fact, you can monitor the metrics as soon as you send out your e-mails. For people to open your emails, you will have to design an attractive subject line. The next step is to ensure good click-through rates, which is basically making certain that the audience clicks on the relevant links that you put up in your e-mail. A higher click-through rate means more people visit your site and check out your products, which will result in better chances of people buying your product. You can supervise the real-time statistics with the help of various analytical software like Google Analytics.

  1. Brand Loyalty and Recall

If you send out regular, targeted, and personalized emails to your customers, they would remember your brand better than your competitors’ while making a purchase. This is because e-mails serve as the biggest platform for one-on-one communication. E-mail communication engages the customers with the business more intimately, thus building a strong connection with them. When a company keeps interacting with their audience, be it giving them updates about a new product launch, sending them discount coupons, seasonal greetings, tips, or any such helpful matter, their audience respond favorably. When not overdone, customers like the attention they get from a brand, and they tend to trust and support such brands by making purchases from them or referring them to others who might be interested in their products.

  1. Establishes the Company

Regular newsletters to your audience with advice or links to blog posts, giving them tips on using a particular product effectively, facts, how-tos, DIYs, and other titbits of information make your company appear more knowledgeable in your particular field. Such informative content will make them turn to you for more in-depth, expert knowledge on the subject, and make them rely on you to offer the best quality of service or product to them. These kinds of e-mails will make them partial to your company and establish it in your field.

  1. Creates Anticipation

Sending sneak peeks of the latest launch, e-mail exclusive discount offers, and special gifts or vouchers makes your audience feel appreciated. Perks like these also make them look forward to your next e-mail and keeps them excited for any news from your company. This kind of engagement sends a message that you value your customers and treat them really well, which will make them choose you in the market instead of your competitors. The rewards that you offer to your audience need not be something big. Even if it is small, it is the gesture that matters.

  1. Easy for Beginners

The best thing about e-mail marketing is that the means are readily available. Anyone can set up an e-mail account and start sending out e-mails in a jiffy. If the basic features are all you need, you need not make a special payment for an additional setup. Moreover, its upgrades don’t cost a fraction of what displaying one ad through traditional media would. There are lots of free plans that help you send out bulk emails and reach out to your subscribers. This makes it perfect for small businesses to establish their online presence in a highly competitive market. In short, you can start with it whenever you want without any special preparations.

Thus, email marketing is something you should not ignore, especially when you are making your presence felt. Direct contact with your customer will offer you an edge over others who dismiss e-mail marketing services. It saves time, both yours and of your customers, and ensures a better overall experience. Making good use of e-mail marketing techniques will reap these benefits to the fullest and is essential to capture a loyal following in the market.

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